Ayoub Nabieh , Associate Professor

Phone:  +972-4-8294232
Fax:  +972-4-8225153

Building/Auditory:  Level 5/ Room# 507

Selected Publications


Nabieh Ayoub - List of publications:

1.    Jeyasekharan, A. D., Ayoub, N., Mahen, R., Ries, J., Esposito, A., Rajendra, E., Hattori, H., Kulkarni, R. P. & Venkitaraman, A. R. DNA damage regulates the mobility of Brca2 within the nucleoplasm of living cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2010) Nov, 22. PDF


2.    Ayoub, N., Rajendra, E., Su, X., Jeyasekharan, A. D., Mahen, R. & Venkitaraman, A. R. The carboxyl terminus of Brca2 links the disassembly of Rad51 complexes to mitotic entry. Curr Biol 19, 1075-85 (2009).


3.    Ayoub, N., Jeyasekharan, A. D. & Venkitaraman, A. R. Mobilization and recruitment of HP1: a bimodal response to DNA breakage. Cell Cycle 8, 2945-50 (2009).


4.    Ayoub, N., Jeyasekharan, A. D., Bernal, J. A. & Venkitaraman, A. R. Paving the way for H2AX phosphorylation: chromatin changes in the DNA damage response. Cell Cycle 8, 1494-500 (2009).


5.    Ayoub, N., Jeyasekharan, A. D., Bernal, J. A. & Venkitaraman, A. R. HP1-beta mobilization promotes chromatin changes that initiate the DNA damage response. Nature 453, 682-6 (2008).


6.    Ayoub, N., Noma, K., Isaac, S., Kahan, T., Grewal, S. I. & Cohen, A. A novel jmjC domain protein modulates heterochromatization in fission yeast. Mol Cell Biol 23, 4356-70 (2003).


7.    Hall, I. M., Shankaranarayana, G. D., Noma, K., Ayoub, N., Cohen, A. & Grewal, S. I. Establishment and maintenance of a heterochromatin domain. Science 297, 2232-7 (2002).


8.    Ayoub, N., Goldshmidt, I., Lyakhovetsky, R. & Cohen, A. A fission yeast repression element cooperates with centromere-like sequences and defines a mat silent domain boundary. Genetics 156, 983-94 (2000).


9.    Avner, R., Wahrman, J., Richler, C., Ayoub, N., Friedmann, A., Laufer, N. & Mitrani-Rosenbaum, S. X inactivation-specific transcript expression in mouse oocytes and zygotes. Mol Hum Reprod 6, 591-4 (2000).


10.  Ayoub, N., Goldshmidt, I. & Cohen, A. Position effect variegation at the mating-type locus of fission yeast: a cis-acting element inhibits covariegated expression of genes in the silent and expressed domains. Genetics 152, 495-508 (1999).


11.  Ayoub, N., Richler, C. & Wahrman, J. Xist RNA is associated with the transcriptionally inactive XY body in mammalian male meiosis. Chromosoma 106, 1-10 (1997).