Haran Tali E., Associate Professor

Phone:  (972)-4-8293767
Fax:  (972)-4-8225153

Building/Auditory:  333

Recent publications

Selected Recent Publications:

1.  I. Beno, K. Rosenthal, M. Levitine, L. Shaulov, and T. E. Haran (2011). "Sequence-dependent cooperative binding of p53 to DNA targets and its relationship to the structural properties of the DNA targets" Nucleic Acids Res. 39, 1919–1932.

2.  J. J. Jordan, D. Menendez, J. Sharav, I. Beno, K. Rosenthal M. A. Resnick and T. E. Haran. (2012) "Low-level expression of p53 changes the rules of transactivation and reveals super-activating sequences". PNAS 109, 14387–14392.

3. D. Menendez, M. A. Resnick, and T.E. Haran (2012). "Transactivation by low and high levels of human p53 reveals new physical rules of engagement and novel super-transactivation sequences”. Cell Cycle. 11, 4287–4288.