Schuster Gadi , Professor

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Building/Auditory:  207

Recent publications

1.                       Levy, S., Allerston, CK., Liveanu, V., Haviv, M., Gileadi. O. and Schuster, G. (2016) Identification of LACTB2, a metallo-b-lactamase protein, as a human mitochondrial endoribonuclease. Nucl. Acid Res. (Published on line). 

2.             Pinhassi, R.I., Kallmann, D., Saper, G., Larom, S., Linkov, A., Boulouis, A., Schöttler, M-A., Bock, R., Rothschild, A., Adir* N. and Schuster* G. (2015) Photosynthetic membranes of Synechocystis or plants convert sunlight to photocurrent through different pathways due to different architectures. PLoS One 10(4):e0122616. (*corresponding authors).

3.               Larom, S., Kallmann, D., Saper, G., Pinhassi, R.I., Rothschild, A., Dotan, H., Ankonina, G., Schuster*, G., and Adir*, N. The Photosystem II D1-K238E mutation enhances electrical current production using cyanobacterial thylakoid membranes in a bio-photoelectrochemical cell. (2015) Photosynth. Res. 126:161–169. (*corresponding authors).

4.                       Stoppel, R., Manavski, N., Schein, A., Schuster, G., Teubner, M., Schmitz-Linneweber, C. and Meurer, J. (2012) RHON1 is a novel ribonucleic acid-binding protein that supports RNase E function in the Arabidopsis chloroplast. Nucl. Acid Res. 40: 8593-8606.

5.                      Matos, R., Fialho, AM., Giloh, M., Schuster, G. and Arraiano, CM. (2012) The rnb gene of Synechocystis PCC6803 encodes a RNA hydrolase displaying RNase II and not RNase R enzymatic properties. Plos One 7: e32690.

6.                       Levy, S., Portnoy, V., Admon, J. and Schuster, G. (2011) Distinct activities of several RNase J proteins in methanogenic archaea. RNA Biol. 8: 1073-1083.

7.          Sharwood, RE., Halpert, M., Luro, S., Schuster, G. and Stern, DB. (2011) Chloroplast RNase J compensates for inefficient transcription termination by removal of antisense RNA. RNA 17: 2165-2176.

8.             Germain, A., Herlich, S., Larom, S., Kim, D., Schuster, G., and Stern, DB. (2011) Analysis of Arabidopsis chloroplast polynucleotide phosphorylase reveals roles for both RNase PH core domains in polyadenylation, RNA 3’ end maturation and intron degradation. Plant J. 67: 381-394.

9.                       Prikryl, J., Rojas, M., Schuster, G. and Barkan, A (2010) Mechanism of RNA stabilization and translational activation by a pentatricopeptide repeat protein. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 108:415-20.

10.        Larum, S., Faris, S., Schuster, G. and Adir, N (2010) Engineering of an alternative electron transfer path in Photosystem II. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 107: 9650-5.

11.                   Staals R., Bronkhorst A. W., Schilders G., Slomovic S., Schuster G., Heck A. J.R., Raijmakers R. and Pruijn G. J.M. (2010) Dis3-like 1: a novel exoribonuclease associated with the human exosome. EMBO J, 29:2358-67.

12.                   Slomovic S., Fremder E., Staals R., Pruijn G. and Schuster G. (2010) Addition of poly(A) and poly(A)-rich tails during RNA degradation in the cytoplasm of human cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 107: 7407-12.

13.                   Zimmer S.L., Schein A., Zipor G., Stern D.B. and Schuster G. (2009) Polyadenylation in Arabidopsis and Chlamydomonas organelles: The input of nucleotidyltransferases, poly(A)-polymerases and polynucleotide phosphorylase. The Plant J. 59: 88–99.

14.                   Schein, A., Sheffy-Levin, S., Glazer, F. and Schuster, G. (2008) The RNase E/G-type endoribonuclease of higher plants is located in the chloroplast and cleaves RNA similarly to the E. coli enzyme. RNA 14: 1057-1068.

15.                   Portnoy, V. and Schuster, G. (2008) Mycoplasma gallisepticum as the first analyzed bacterium to metabolize RNA without polyadenylation. FEMS Lett. 283: 97-103.

16.                   Hacham, Y., Matityahu, I., Schuster, G. and Amir, R. (2008) Overexpression of mutated forms of aspartate kinase and cystathionine -synthase in tobacco leaves resulted in the high accumulation of methionine and threonine. The Plant J. 54: 260-271.

17.                   Portnoy, V., Palnizky, G., Yehudai-Resheff S., Glazer, F. and Schuster, G. (2008) Analyzing the human polynucleotide-phosphorylase (PNPase) revealed similarities and differences compared to its bacterial and chloroplast counterparts. RNA 14: 297-309.

18.                   Slomovic, S. and Schuster, G. (2008) Stable PNPase RNAi silencing; its effect on the processing and adenylation of human mitochondrial RNA. RNA 14: 310-323.

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