Podbilewicz Benjamin , Professor

Phone:  (972)-4-8293454

Building/Auditory:  4-31 Emerson

Selected Publications

Oren-Suissa, M., Hall, D., Treinin, M., Shemer, G., and Podbilewicz, B. (2010). The Fusogen EFF-1 Controls Sculpting of Mechanosensory Dendrites. Science 328, 1285-1288.

Oren-Suissa, M., and Podbilewicz, B. (2010). Evolution of programmed cell fusion: Common mechanisms and distinct functions. Developmental Dynamics 239, 1515-1528.

Kolotuev, I., and Podbilewicz, B. (2008). Changing of the cell division axes drives vulva evolution in nematodes. Dev Biol 313, 142-154.

Sapir, A., Avinoam, O., Podbilewicz, B., and Chernomordik, L.V. (2008). Viral and developmental cell fusion mechanisms: conservation and divergence. Dev Cell 14, 11-21.

Sapir, A., Choi, J., Leikina, E., Avinoam, O., Valansi, C., Chernomordik, L.V., Newman, A.P., and Podbilewicz, B. (2007). AFF-1, a FOS-1-Regulated Fusogen, Mediates Fusion of the Anchor Cell in C. elegans. Dev Cell 12, 683-698.

Gattegno, T., Mittal, A., Valansi, C., Nguyen, K.C., Hall, D.H., Chernomordik, L.V., and Podbilewicz, B. (2007). Genetic control of fusion pore expansion in the epidermis of Caenorhabditis elegans. Mol Biol Cell 18, 1153-1166.

Kiontke, K., Barriere, A., Kolotuev, I., Podbilewicz, B., Sommer, R., Fitch, D.H., and Felix, M.A. (2007). Trends, stasis, and drift in the evolution of nematode vulva development. Curr Biol 17, 1925-1937.

Podbilewicz, B., Leikina, E., Sapir, A., Valansi, C., Suissa, M., Shemer, G., and Chernomordik, L.V. (2006). The C. elegans developmental fusogen EFF-1 mediates homotypic fusion in heterologous cells and in vivo. Dev Cell 11, 471-481.

Shemer, G., Suissa, M., Kolotuev, I., Nguyen, K.C.Q., Hall, D.H., and Podbilewicz, B. (2004). EFF-1 is sufficient to initiate and execute tissue-specific cell fusion in C. elegans. Curr Biol 14, 1587-1591.

Broday, L., Kolotuev, I., Didier, C., Bhoumik, A., Gupta, B.J., Sternberg, P.W., Podbilewicz, B., and Ronai, Z. (2004). The small ubiquitin like modifier (SUMO) is required for gonadal and uterine-vulval morphogenesis in C. elegans. Genes Dev 18, 2380-2391.

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Shemer, G., and Podbilewicz, B. (2002). LIN-39/Hox triggers cell division and represses EFF-1/Fusogen-dependent vulval cell fusion. Genes Dev 16, 3136-3141.