Savaldi-Goldstein Sigal , Associate Professor

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Relevant Publications

Relevant Publications (since 2007):

1.            Vragovic, K., Sela, A., Friedlander-Shani, L., Fridman, Y., Hacham, Y., Holland, N., Bartom, E., Mockler, T.C., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2015). Translatome analyses capture of opposing tissue-specific brassinosteroid signals orchestrating root meristem differentiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, 923-928.

2.            Singh, A.P., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2015). Growth control: brassinosteroid activity gets context. J Exp Bot 66, 1123-1132.

3.            Singh, A.P., Fridman, Y., Friedlander-Shani, L., Tarkowska, D., Strnad, M., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2014). Activity of the brassinosteroid transcription factors BRASSINAZOLE RESISTANT1 and BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE1-ETHYL METHANESULFONATE-SUPPRESSOR1/BRASSINAZOLE RESISTANT2 blocks developmental reprogramming in response to low phosphate availability. Plant Physiol 166, 678-688.

4.            Fridman, Y., Elkouby, L., Holland, N., Vragovic, K., Elbaum, R., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2014). Root growth is modulated by differential hormonal sensitivity in neighboring cells. Genes Dev 28, 912-920.

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5.            Fridman, Y., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2013). Brassinosteroids in growth control: how, when and where. Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 209, 24-31.

6.            Hacham, Y., Sela, A., Friedlander, L., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2012). BRI1 activity in the root meristem involves post-transcriptional regulation of PIN auxin efflux carriers. Plant Signal Behav 7, 68-70.

7.            Hacham, Y., Holland, N., Butterfield, C., Ubeda-Tomas, S., Bennett, M.J., Chory, J., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2011). Brassinosteroid perception in the epidermis controls root meristem size. Development 138, 839-848.

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8.            Savaldi-Goldstein, S. (2010). Brassinosteroids. In Plant Physiology, Fifth Edition, L. Taiz and E. Zeiger, eds. (Sunderland: Sinauer Associates, Inc.), pp. 618-634.

9.            Savaldi-Goldstein, S., and Chory, J. (2008). Growth coordination and the shoot epidermis. Curr Opin Plant Biol 11, 42-48.

10.          Savaldi-Goldstein, S., Baiga, T.J., Pojer, F., Dabi, T., Butterfield, C., Parry, G., Santner, A., Dharmasiri, N., Tao, Y., Estelle, M., et al. (2008). New auxin analogs with growth-promoting effects in intact plants reveal a chemical strategy to improve hormone delivery. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105, 15190-15195.

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11.          Savaldi-Goldstein, S., Peto, C., and Chory, J. (2007). The epidermis both drives and restricts plant shoot growth. Nature 446, 199-202.

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News and views: Nature 446, 151-152

12.          Panikashvili, D., Savaldi-Goldstein, S., Mandel, T., Yifhar, T., Franke, R.B., Hofer, R., Schreiber, L., Chory, J., and Aharoni, A. (2007). The Arabidopsis DESPERADO/AtWBC11 transporter is required for cutin and wax secretion. Plant Physiol 145, 1345-1360.