Lamm Ayelet, Assistant Professor

Phone:  (972)-77-8871939

Building/Auditory:  5-23 Emerson

Recent publications

Barkan, R., Zahand,  A.J., Sarabi, K. Lamm, A.T., Feinstein, N., Haithcock, E., Wilson, K.L., Liu, J. and Gruenbaum, Y. (2012) Emerin and LEM2: essential roles in C. elegans development, muscle function and mitosis. Mol. Biol. Cell. 23(4):543-52.


Wu, D., Lamm A.T. and Fire A.Z. (2011) . Competition between ADAR and RNAi pathways for an extensive class of RNA targets. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 18, 1094–1101.


Lamm, A.T., Stadler, M.R., Zhang, H., Gent, J.I. and Fire, A.Z. (2011). Multimodal RNA-seq using single-strand, double-strand, and circligase-based capture yields a refined and extended description of the C. elegans transcriptome. Genome research. 21(2):265-75.


Lamm, A.T., Gent, J.I. and Fire, A.Z. (2010). Modifying the gene model of rrf-3.  The Worm Breeder's Gazette. 18(3):5.


Gent, J.I., Lamm A.T., Pavelec, D.M., Maniar, J.M., Parameswaran, P., Tao, L., Kennedy, S. and Fire, A.Z. (2010). Distinct Phases of siRNA Synthesis in an Endogenous RNAi Pathway in C. elegans Soma. Molecular Cell. 37(5), 679-689.