Landau Meytal, Assistant Professor

Phone:  (972)-77-887-1965

Building/Auditory:  Biology - 220

Research Interests

Research Interests
Revealing the molecular and atomic details of protein function and regulation is imperative when trying to accurately intervene with cellular processes, e.g., in physiopathology. Our lab focuses on the mechanistic details of regulation in proteins that are central to physiological and pathophysiological processes. We aim to unveil the relationship between ligand-binding, dynamics, activation and transduction of signals, and to manipulate these processes using allosteric small-molecule modulators. This calls for a multidisciplinary approach that involves structural characterization via x-ray crystallography and electron microscopy, bioinformatics and small-molecule design. This combination of tools will be exerted on flexible proteins with multilayered regulation that have been recalcitrant to mechanistic analysis, such as platelet surface receptors that are key players in homeostasis, immunology and cancer.