Febuary 22-23, 2015

Kfar Blum, Israel

Conference Program

The 2015 Retreat is sponsored by TBA and TBA


Registration is free!
But we need to know how many are attending so please register by January 15th, 2015

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Poster Abstract Submission:

To prepare the scientific program, we ask that you submit your poster information.
The deadline is January 15th, 2015
Reminder: Ph.D students after Oral Defence (BHINAT MUAMADUT) are required to present a poster.

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Student joint project initiative:

We continue to foster the student joint project initiative.
It is a scientific project proposed by students from 2 or more labs.
Research Awards will be given to the winners announced at the retreat.
It is time to find partners, think about a joint project and write a 1-2 pages long proposal (1.5 line spacing, Arial 11 Font).
It should be written like a research grant - with some background, motivation and aims, and plans for experiments.
Deadline for submitting is January 15th, 2015
We ask for NO PIs involvement! It should be the students idea, thinking and writing.

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