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31/01/2022 13:00
Title: Studying RNA Binding Proteins at Subcellular Resolution to Uncover their Roles in Health and Dysregulation in Disease Zoom: Abstract: Regulation of gene expression is at the basis of cell function. It is well established how the multitude of cellular signals...
26/01/2022 13:00
Tcell starvation and nutrient competition at the tumor micro environment is considered a major limiting factor in cancer immunotherapy. Metabolic suppression hampers T cell activation, differentiation, and effector functions, leading to T cell anergy and apoptosis, resulting in tumor escape...
24/01/2022 13:00
Title: Hair Raising Tale: Nerve – Stem Cell Interactions Zoom: Abstract: Piloerection (goosebumps) requires concerted actions of the hair follicle, the arrector pili muscle, and the sympathetic nerve, providing a model to study interactions across epithelium, mesenchyme, and nerves. We show that...
17/01/2022 13:00
Title: Filamentous actin drives nuclear architectural changes to maintain genome stability ZOOM: Abstract: Cell proliferation requires efficient and accurate DNA replication. The complexity of replication, however, renders genome copying susceptible to endogenous and exogenous threats. Any process hindering replication is referred to...
10/01/2022 13:00
Title: The importance of being in the membraneZoom Link: : With in cell membranes are numerous proteins and protein complexes that are responsible for the execution of a multitude of functions essential to maintain life. To study these membrane proteins, they are...
03/01/2022 13:00
Title: The diverse cellular and molecular mechanisms driving neuronal and axonal degenerationZoom: Aberrations in protein folding, processing and degradation are common features of neurodegenerative diseases, resulting in their accumulation. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia(FTD) are two neurodegenerative diseases that...
27/12/2021 13:00
Title: Toxoplasma gondii - a master manipulator: From effectordiscovery to novel concepts in cell death.Abstract: Toxoplasma gondii translocates effector proteins into its host cell tosubvert various host pathways. T. gondii effector TgIST blocks thetranscription of interferon-stimulated genes to reduce immune defense.Interferons upregulate numerous genes,...
22/12/2021 13:00
Antigen-SpecificImmunomodulation in Multiple Sclerosis by IL-10 -TCell Receptor-Like Antibodies (TCRL) Fusion ProteinsMultiple sclerosis (MS) is anautoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS) leading to demyelinationand disability. MS treatments are particularly effective during the earlyphase, but have little effect during...
20/12/2021 13:00
Title: “Unravelling the microscale mechanisms driving particle degradation in the ocean”Abstract: The sinking of organic particles to the ocean depths is the main driving force of thebiological pump, the process responsible for the export of more than 50 Gt of...
15/12/2021 13:30
Regulation of mitochondrial trafficking by Myosin XIX during cell migration. Myosin XIX (Myo19) is an actin-based molecular motor that is anchored to the outer mitochondria membrane (OMM) via its unique membrane binding motif. Myo19 is a strong effector of filopodia...

The Faculty of Biology at the Technion was founded in 1971. Since its establishment, we at the Faculty of Biology at the Technion see it as a goal to advance the field of modern biology and life sciences in general, to educate and train the future generation to integrate into academia and industry and lead biological research in Israel and around the world. We aim to provide our students a strong foundation in the exact sciences along with a broad knowledge in all areas of biology and encourage critical and creative thinking to advance the biology of tomorrow.

In recent years, we have witnessed tremendous development in the field of biological technologies, such as genome sequencing, which has led to a revolution in research dealing with the analysis of biological big data. The location of the Faculty of Biology in the heart of the Technion gives it a unique status and promotes groundbreaking interdisciplinary research, combining life sciences, exact sciences, and engineering. In the research laboratories in our faculty, we combine basic research with applied aspects while developing and employing state-of-the-art approaches and methodologies. Our research focuses on a variety of questions in the fields of biology and medicine as well as multidisciplinary topics such as biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, and more. Our vision is to promote and lead interdisciplinary research at the Technion and to position the faculty among the best faculties of biology in Israel and around the world.

Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfruend
Dean, Faculty of Biology, TECHNION

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Anna Zuckerman
Anna Zuckerman
QC Team Lead at Pluristem – Completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the faculty of Biology Pluristem is a
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Matan Yampolsky
Matan Yampolsky
Completed his B.Sc. in Molecular Biochemistry at the Faculty Currently a direct Ph.D. student at the Fuchs lab, Faculty of
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Hodaya Baruchi-Farber
Hodaya Baruchi-Farber
What is your research about? I study metabolic changes in cancer cells which stopped dividing due to anti-cancer therapy. Because
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Roee Lopata
Roee Lopata
Tell us about your research… I am currently working in Prof. Ariel Kaplan’s lab prior to beginning my master’s degree
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Nimrod Krupnik
Nimrod Krupnik
Currently a Ph.D. student at the Meiri lab, Faculty of Biology What is your research about? On the macro scale,
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Completed a bachelor’s degree in Biology cum laude. I chose to study Biology because I find it interesting. According to
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Dina Aweida
Dina Aweida
Completed her first, second, and third degrees at the Faculty of Biology Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Shenhav Cohen
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