Faculty graduate Nof Atamna. Starting a Ph.D. in microbiology to Staring in “MasterChef”!

28 September 2021

Nof Atamna – Starting a Ph.D. in microbiology to Staring in MasterChef
“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the lab!”

“I always liked to spend time in the lab and in the kitchen.
I noticed there are many similarities between the two.
I think what makes a good scientist are the same traits that make a good chef:
being creative,
thinking out of the box,
being able to follow the protocol precisely, and at the same time trying to find and invent something new.
Looking at things from an analytical perspective is something scientists and chefs have in common.
As time goes by, the more I specialize in food, the more I realize how being a good scientist improves your chances of being a good chef.
It’s funny, but I think the most important thing I bring to my cooking is my scientific background.”

Listen to the podcast by Nof Atamna – a Technion alumna who went from microbiologist to MasterChef winner, restaurant consultant, recipe creator, teacher of contemporary Arab cooking, and guest chef at restaurants and events.
In between, she completed her Ph.D. in Prof. Oded Beja’s lab at the Faculty of Biology. To listen to Nof’s story, go to the Technion Alumni Podcast:

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