Dr. Dror Chorev, Department of Chemistry, Oxford, United Kingdom
10/01/2022 13:00

Title: The importance of being in the membrane
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Abstract: With in cell membranes are numerous proteins and protein complexes that are responsible for the execution of a multitude of functions essential to maintain life. To study these membrane proteins, they are typically extracted and removed from their native lipid environment by detergents and polymers. In this talk, I will present a recent break-through, in which we have been able to eject and analyse membrane proteins and their associated small molecules directly from vesicles derived from their membrane of origin, inside a mass spectrometer, with no recourse to any chemical additives. From bacterial membrane protein insertases to respiratory complexes and G-protein coupled receptors, this approach has revealed new insights into the structure and function of membrane proteins, emphasizing the importance of the native membrane to the proteins that reside within it.

Host: Prof. Benjamin Podbilewicz