MSc Graduate Seminar-Eden Sadaka
30/08/2022 13:00

Programmed Cell Death RegulatesSebaceous Gland Homeostasis and Pathology


In the past decade, most studies investigating mammalian skin havefocused on the epidermis and the hair follicle, whereas much less is knownregarding the sebaceous gland (SG). Specifically, the modes of programmed celldeath contributing to the homeostasis of SG cells remains uncharacterized.Interestingly, morphological changes of the SG cells display characteristicsincluding cell swelling, loss of cell membrane integrity and lack of nuclearchromatin as represent in necrotic cells. Here, we report that key necroptoticproteins pMLKL and pRIPK3 are highly expressed in the mature and necrotic zonesof the SG. Additionally, we demonstrate a significant effect on SG area withrespect to cell number and sebum production after exogenous activation orinhibition of necroptosis, indicating an important homeostatic role. ​Furtherunderstanding of these critical processes will not only enable development ofnew approaches for modeling SG dysregulation and identification of therapeutictargets, but also establishment of novel platforms for investigatingnecroptosis.