PhD Graduate Seminar-Yizhaq Engelberg
17/05/2022 13:00

Time: Tuesday May 17, 2022, 13:00 PM

Place: Hybrid – The Faculty og Biology Auditorium


Functional Super Molecular Structures

of Self-assembled Proteins

Antimicrobial peptides are secreted by the innate immune system of almost every organism on this planet. Surprisingly, many of them are capable to self-assemble into ordered supramolecular structures. In this work, we provided a high- resolution structure of the fibril form of a human derived antimicrobial peptide, LL3717-29, and supported the critical role of self-assembly via structure-guided mutational analysis. Based on the findings, we engineered controllable antimicrobial activity via the formation of supramolecular structures sensitive to specific environmental conditions. In a second collaborative project, we fabricated supramolecular structures of a food derived protein, to serve as intestinal delivery system. This system controllably and gradually releases nutraceuticals compounds.Overall, we have revealed new properties, morphologies, regulation, and applications for self-assembled protein systems.