The First International Summer Research Project! | summer 2023

31 August 2023

This past July, the Faculty of Biology launched its very first International Summer Research Project! The main goal of the project, as defined by its founder Assoc. Prof. Arnon Henn, is introducing outstanding international students near the completion of their bachelor’s degree to the groundbreaking research taking place here at the faculty.

After a meticulous screening process, which began with spreading word of the project in leading universities abroad and ended after receiving dozens of applications, 16 of the top candidates were chosen and matched with various faculty members. They began laying the ground to the research project even before arriving in Israel.

Upon arriving at the Faculty of Biology, wet lab work began in which students took an active part in the research conducted in the laboratories with the close personal guidance of each PI and aid of lab members. In addition, the acting project manager, Assoc. Prof. Dedi Meiri, provided the students professional support throughout the entire program. At the end of three weeks, each student presented a summary of their personal project and research findings.

But it wasn’t just all work!! The students also enjoyed social and cultural activities: trips around Israel, parties and mixers. Project participants from different regions of the world forged strong ties, and alongside getting to know the faculty members, an international scientific network has been created and it will serve as a solid basis for future collaborations. At the end of the project, a festive summer party was held at the faculty with the project participants, all faculty members, students and employees.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who worked hard and invested a lot in making this special project happen!
First and foremost, the managers of the program: Assoc. Prof. Arnon Henn and Assoc. Prof. Dadi Meiri.
A warm thank you also to the administrative project team:
Nir Blitz, Head of Administration;
Fleur Grabois, Marketing Coordinator;
Keren Vidal, Graduate Studies Coordinator;
and Gili Mandel, Research Coordinator of the Meiri Lab.
We would also like to thank the entire Faculty of Biology for your contribution to the success of this project!

Last but not least, shoutout to the staff of the International Office for all the great work coordinating all different parties and with the students throughout the project!


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