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If you have any questions regarding graduate studies at the Faculty, please refer to the contact information on this page:
Faculty Dean - Prof. Michael Glickman
Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies - Associate Professor Shenhav Shemer
Graduate Studies Coordinator - Keren Vidal

Scholarships in Graduate School are given based on academic merit only. The scholarship eligibility threshold is set by each academic unit individually and may vary from semester to semester but shall in no case be below a cumulative average of 80. The eligibility threshold requirement shall apply for the student’s entire study period; going below it shall mean losing the scholarship.

Every graduate student at the Faculty is eligible for a stipend for their entire study period (including exempt from tuition fees).

The Faculty of Biology promises to pay at least 4 stipend amounts a month to every graduate student; Ph.D. students who have passed their candidacy examination shall be entitled to at least 5 stipend amounts.

Every student shall sign a stipend agreement at the beginning of their studies.

For more information on stipends and stipend amounts:

Tuition payment arrangement form: Authorization to debit a bank account

Tuition payment arrangement form: Tuition and Fees Declaration:

Scholarship/Stipend Agreement Form:

Bank transfer Form:

First extension request:

Special extension request:

Special employment request:

External Scholarships:


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