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If you have any questions regarding graduate studies at the Faculty, please refer to the contact information on this page:
Faculty Dean - Prof. Michael Glickman
Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies - Associate Professor Shenhav Cohen
Graduate Studies Coordinator - Keren Vidal

The faculty of Biology offers graduate study programs toward Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Our graduate programs are conducted in English, and we welcome international students. These programs are intended for students who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Life Sciences, or a bachelor’s or master’s degree in another scientific field or Engineering, although in the latter case some additional courses may be required.

The main component of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs is scientific research work. As part of your studies, you will encounter research questions, learn techniques for solving them, get hands-on experience in various experimental methods, and learn to analyze experimental results and interpret their meaning. You will be expected to demonstrate independent thinking and analysis, follow up on up-to-date professional literature, and be familiar with current issues in various fields of biology.

M.Sc. Biology Program (with thesis)

Admission Requirements:

A completed bachelor’s degree with an average of 80 or higher.

Search for a supervisor from among the Faculty academic staff (the candidate must find a supervisor before applying).
A personal interview with the Faculty’s Admissions Committee.

The Admissions Committee will test the following:

  • General knowledge of the research subject of the lab the student wishes to join, and the student’s ability to discuss a scientific question of interest to him/her.
  • The student’s ability to discuss at least one scientific paper (published/accepted, not a Review) related to the lab’s research subject (the paper must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Coordinator Email about a week before the interview).
  • The student’s ability to discuss a research project he/she has done (e.g., as part of his/her undergraduate studies or work).

Program Requirements:

The study program shall include a limited-scope research project and submission of a paper. In addition: Students who have completed a three-year undergraduate program shall have to take 30 academic credits. At least 20 of these shall consist of graduate courses, including 1 mandatory course out of 2 worth 5 credits each, 2 courses from the Research Project category – worth 2.5 credits each, and 4 courses from the Current Topics in Biology category – worth 0.5 credits each. The rest of the credits can be chosen from the list of graduate courses subject to approval by the student’s supervisor. Of these, no more than 10 credits can be for undergraduate courses. Students who have completed a four-year undergraduate program shall have to take 21 academic credits, 12 of them for the mandatory courses described above, and the other 9 electives. Additionally, all students must successfully pass the mandatory course Scientific Writing in English for M.Sc. Please note:

  • Students must take at least 75% of the required credits within the first two semesters of their studies.
  • Students must submit an M.Sc. research proposal within one semester from the beginning of their studies.


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Transfer to the Direct Ph.D. Program (with thesis)

Students who have started their M.Sc. and demonstrate exceptional performance in coursework and research may apply for a direct Ph.D. program subject to recommendation from the Faculty graduate Studies Committee.

Admission Requirements:

The requirements for applying for transfer to a direct Ph.D. program can be found here:

Additionally, the student shall have to pass a personal interview with the Faculty graduate Studies Committee.
For more details and to schedule an interview, please contact the graduate Studies Coordinator:

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Honors Rotation Program for Excellent Students in the Combined Ph.D. (with thesis)

Admission Requirements:

This prestigious program offered by the Faculty of Biology is intended for students who have completed their undergraduate studies at the Technion or another academic institution in Israel or abroad with excellence, and meet the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from the Technion with an average of 90 or higher.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an academic institution in Israel with an average of 90 or higher, plus a high rating.
  • A Bachelor’s degree completed cum laude from an academic institution abroad placed high on the Shanghai Ranking.

Admission to the rotation program for students in the combined M.Sc./Ph.D. program is subject to a positive recommendation from the Faculty of Biology’s graduate Studies Admissions Committee. Students admitted to the programs shall receive a scholarship from the Faculty of Biology. The program includes research work in 3 different labs at the Faculty of Biology, selected by the student and approved in advance by the Faculty staff. For a list of research labs, click here.

The time spent at each lab will be 3 months, during which the graduate Studies Committee chairperson shall serve as temporary supervisor. At the end of the 9-month rotation program, the student shall choose the lab in which he/she wishes to remain for the rest of his/her combined M.Sc./Ph.D. studies, and submit his/her research subject within one month. Students who completed a research project in the course of their B.Sc. studies at the Technion may choose only two labs, none of which can be the lab in which he/she did his/her project.

For more details, please contact graduate Studies Coordinator Keren Vidal: .


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Doctoral (Ph.D.) Studies (with thesis)

Admission Requirements

A completed M.Sc. (with research thesis) or MD degree with a cumulative average of 88 or higher. Applicants must provide names of two referees.

Search for a supervisor from among the Faculty academic staff (the candidate must find a supervisor before applying).

Ph.D. Program Requirements

The program requirements are described on the Graduate School website. Additionally, all students shall have to:

  • Conduct original large-scale research work with an emphasis on scientific and analytical approach. The candidate must prove his/her fitness for research work and ability to conduct valuable original research. He/she must also prove he/she has the initiative, imagination, in-depth learning, good judgment, and perseverance expected from an independent researcher. A research project shall be considered valuable if its academic level allows its publication in a world-class scientific journal and if it helps significantly advance knowledge and understanding in the studied subject.
  • Take 6 credits of graduate courses, including 2 mandatory courses from the Current Topics in Biology category – worth 0.5 credits each.
  • Successfully pass the candidacy examination. All students must submit a research proposal within 11 months from the beginning of their studies. the research proposal shall be at the base of the candidacy examination. The Technion and Faculty requirements for the candidacy examination are listed in a separate form.
  • Pass two follow-up candidacy examination committees (during the second and third years of study) which shall be appointed by the student’s supervisor and include at least two representatives of the Faculty of Biology.

Students must start taking the required credits no later than the day of the candidacy examination.

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Life Sciences MBA as a Minor Combined with Ph.D. Studies (with thesis)

The Life Sciences MBA program allows students from biology and other fields of life sciences to obtain business management training in preparation for leading life science organizations and ventures. The main purpose of the program is to provide knowledge and understanding, methods and tools that help managers improve their business capabilities, with an emphasis on identifying opportunities for implementing discoveries in basic life science and applying them in the business arena. The study curriculum includes regulations, quantitative tools for biotech, fund raising, intellectual property, negotiation, management of employees, business process management, and an introduction to the unique ecosystem of life sciences.

Admission Requirements:

The program is intended for doctoral students who have passed their candidacy examination and taken 50% of the required credits, subject to their supervisor’s approval and the Graduate School’s requirements for minor studies. For details:

Program website:


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