From PhD to Industry – Virtual Panel – Faculty of Biology

In order to talk, listen, and especially open our heads to new opportunities, at the end of our doctorate, we are honored to host an inspiring panel of doctoral graduates who are currently in diverse and interesting positions in the industry.

The panel will be held via Zoom, on Thursday 3.9.20 at 13: 00-14: 30.

At the end of the registration, a link will be sent to Zoom – hurry up and register!

  • Panelists:
  • Dr. Martin Akerman, CTO, Cofounder at Envisagenics, Inc
  • Dr. Dikla Montekio Malter, Director of Investments & Partnerships at The Kitchen Hub
  • Dr. Roi Feingersch, Foresee Genomics, CEO & Founder
  • Dr. Jasmin Ravid, Co-founder of Kinoko-Tech
  • Dr. Shimon (Shimi) Shteingart, VP R&D at Bioimmunate LTD

We will discuss all of the following topics:

• How should you decide between continuing your research in academia or moving to industry?

• What options do you have if you do not want to continue in research positions?

• What skills should you acquire during your studies?

• How do you differentiate yourself in your job search?

• What is the expected salary range?

• Is it still worth pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship before moving to industry?

• Can you continue teaching?