In Dr. Ayala Shiber’s Lab

Wanted: curious and enthusiastic human beings to solve the great mysteries of life:

• How do we live forever? Defeating neurodegeneration and aging?

• How are nanomachines formed in our cells?

• How ribosomes protect proteins from misfolding?

The lab is highly multidisciplinary, combing a variety of approaches Including:

Advanced genetics (Next- Generation Sequencing)

Biochemistry & Cell biology using yeast as a model organism and cell culture During the research you will gain experience in:

•Selective Ribosome Profiling – capturing the ribosomes engaged by target proteins, in codon resolution

•Advanced imaging, such as single molecule FISH for sub-cellular localization of mRNAs in the cell

•Developing novel techniques for single molecule capturing of protein-mRNA interactions

For further details:

Ayala Shiber

Emerson Building, Room 3-26

Faculty of Biology, Technion