Ning Yin memorial award for best student talk

Ning Yin memorial award for best student talk


The Ning Yin Award for Best Student Talk is given annually in memory of our dearest friend and colleague, Dr. Ning Yin.

Ning was a postdoctoral fellow in the Kishony lab at our Faculty. His tragic death when snorkeling with his lab-mates and friends in Eilat during the Federation of the Israel Society for Experimental Biology conference Ilanit, 21st of February 2017, left us shocked and heartbroken.

Ning was an absolutely amazing scientist, highly curious and original, unique in his breadth of knowledge, depth of thinking and creativity. Indeed, he has shaken the community around him, from the Kishony lab to our entire faculty of biology. He was an active participant in the faculty activities, humbly presenting the sharpest questions during seminars, helping in academic activities and presenting in our annual retreats. Beloved Ning, we miss you tremendously and will carry your memory with us forever.

To commemorate Dr. Ning Yin, we are honored to announce the naming of our annual retreat best talk prize the “Ning Yin Award for Best Student Talk”. We are honored to give this annual award perpetually to the best of our students who follow the inspiration, talent, and ingenuity of Ning.

Ning Yin

2018 awardees:

Elle Koren- Fuchs Lab
Alina Pushkarev- Beja Lab


2019 awardees:

Feras Machour – Ayoub Lab

Fares Mahour from Ayoub Lab Winner