In Dr. Ayoub’s Lab

Histone methylation is critical to maintaining the highly dynamic structure of chromatin, and is thus an important event in transcriptional regulation and maintenance of genome stability. Misregulation of histone demethylases KDM4A-D (that selectively demethylate H3K9) is associated with epithelial tumourigenesis in clinical studies and mouse models. How KDM4 demethylases promote carcinogenesis is unclear because their biology is poorly understood. The main research interest of my group is to elucidate the mechanism of genome instability triggered by abnormal KDM4 activity. We are particularly interested in dissecting KDM4 function at different stages of the cell cycle and in the response to DNA damage. This will be achieved using a broad range of techniques including standard molecular biology methods, live-cell microscopy and innovative somatic genetic approaches, in conjunction with high throughput genomics and proteomics assays.

Applicants should have a BSc or MSc diploma in biology, and preferably some laboratory experience in basic molecular biology and positive letters of recommendation. This challenging project suits a highly motivated, hard working and insightful individual with a strong academic track record, and a desire to explore cutting edge cell biology.

The target starting date for this post is October 1st, 2009, but is flexible.

For background information see

(1) Ayoub et al, (2003) MCB 23, 4356-4370 (2) Ayoub et al, (2008) Nature 453, 682-686 (3) Cloos et al, (2008) Genes & Dev. 22: 1115-1140.

Please send a letter of application, together with a detailed

CV, and preferentially one or more references to Dr. Nabieh Ayoub at: