Prizes and Awards

The Ning Yin Award for Best Student Talk

The Winners of the 2019 Faculty Retreat:


First Place: Dina Aweida (Cohen Lab)

Second place: Dor Russ ( Kishony Lab)

Equal third place: Amir Argoetti  (Mandel Gutfreund ), Olga Snitser ( Kishony Lab) and  Nabeel Gonen (Lamm)



First Place: Feras Machour (Ayoub lab)

Second place: Nir Salinas (Landau lab)

Third place: May Levin (Assaraf lab)


Audience Favorite: Yulia Fridman (Savaldi Lab)


The Winners of the 2015 Faculty Retreat


Best Lecture Award:

First place: Sergei Rudnizky, the labs of Ariel Kaplan and Philippa Melamed

Title: Reproductive hormone under tension: regulation of gene expression through nucleosome dynamics


Second Place: Sophia Zborowsky, the lab of Debbie Lindell

Title: Halted Viral Infection of Marine Cyanobacteria Hints at Novel Intracellular Host Defence Mechanisms


Third place: Gal Avital, the lab of Itai Yanai

Title: Studying host-pathogen interactions using single-cell RNA-Seq


Best Poster Award:

First place: Boris Shneyer, the lab of Arnon Henn

Title: Reproductive hormone under tension: regulation of gene expression through nucleosome dynamics


Joint Second Place:

    • Inbal Budowski-Tal, the lab of Yael Mandel-Gutfreund

Title: A structure based network approach for identifying protein interactions

      • Hagai Cohen, the lab of Gadi Schuster

Title: Seed-specific expression of a feedback-insensitive form of CYSTATHIONINE-γ-SYNTHASE in Arabidopsis stimulates metabolic and transcriptomic responses associated with desiccation stress

        • Einav Tayeb-Fligelman, the lab of Meytal Landau

Title: Platelet-activating Receptor CLEC-2, Atomic-level Characterization of Protein-ligand Interactions and Modulation


Joint Research Proposal Award:

First place: Idan Yelin (Kishony’s Lab) & Asher Moshe (Landau’s Lab)

Title: The paradoxical role of Phenol Soluble Modulins in Staphylococcus aureus biofilm assembly and disassembly – mechanistic, regulatory and evolutionary aspects


Second Place: Mark Nakasone (Glickman’s Lab) & Yomiran Nissan (Lamm’s Lab)

Title: SUMO dependent RNA editing in neuronsAos-1 and UBA-2 function in C. elegans


Third place: Prathamesh Thangaraj Nadar Ponniah (Ayoub’s Lab) &  Sally Khair (Yanai’s Lab)

Title: Deciphering the mechanism underlying C. elegans H3K27 demethylases UTX-1 in normal development


Treasure Hunt Award:

The group of: Chen Lesnik (Kishony’s lab), Yoram Reiter (Reiter’s lab), Onit Alalouf, (Béjà’s lab), Adi Golani (Arava’s lab), Irena Pikarsky (Lindell’s lab)

We would like to congratulate – Haj Mohummad Majd from Prof Melameds Lab on receiving the “Planning and Budgeting Commitee” (Vatat) prize for this year


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Prizes and Awards