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Teaching Coordinator – Miriam Krauz

Biology Major

The Faculty’s basic B.Sc. Biology program.

The program provides a deep general knowledge base in exact sciences along with broad understanding of each of the fields of contemporary biology. Its unique combination between courses in biology and other exact sciences (math, physics, computer science) makes it suitable for people who have a passion for biology as well as high abilities in the exact sciences.

The basic B.Sc. program is a three-year program:

Year 1 – The first year focuses on providing a strong knowledge base in exact sciences (math, physics and chemistry) and basic courses in biology (evolution, genetics, biochemistry).

Year 2 – In their second year, students attend multiple mandatory courses in a variety of fields in contemporary biology, from cellular and molecular to whole organism.

Year 3 – In their third year, students may choose elective courses according to their interest. The Faculty offers a wide variety of advanced electives in every field of the Life Sciences. In addition, students may also take selected courses offered by other faculties at the Technion.

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Research-Oriented Honors Program

(For students from any Biology program who have completed their first year with top marks)

The Purpose of the Program

The Research-Oriented Honors Program is a three-year program for Biology students who have completed their first year with top marks and are interested in going into research. The program provides research tools and knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics and math in preparation for postgraduate studies and/or research and development jobs in the academy or the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Students who meet the program requirements shall receive an honors program graduation certificate in addition to their B.Sc. degree. Completion of the program gives automatic admission for graduate studies in Biology, subject to finding an M.Sc. supervisor. Some of the students shall receive tuition funding from the Faculty. Students with relevant academic backgrounds from other faculties at the Technion or other academic institutions in Israel may apply for the program.

Program Requirements

Successful completion of all the first-year mandatory courses with an average score of 88 or higher in the first semester and the second semester’s first exam session, plus a personal interview.

Program Overview

Students must maintain a cumulative average within the Faculty’s top 15%, and have a follow-up interview. Each student shall be supervised by a staff member throughout their studies. The program includes two research project courses – Honors Program Research Project and Biology Research Project. The laboratory work for those projects is to be completed during the summer term.

Electives include elective undergraduate and postgraduate courses from the Faculty of Biology and other faculties of the Technion, subject to approval by the student’s advisor.  Students who complete their undergraduate requirements may start accumulating credits that shall be counted as part of the 30-credit requirement for a master’s degree.


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Multidisciplinary programs:

The Technion’s Faculty of Biology offers 4 study programs that are joint with other faculties. Students in those programs may also take courses from additional disciplines. By the end of your studies, you will have gained knowledge that is both extensive and in-depth.

The following multidisciplinary programs are offered:

Biology-Chemistry dual major track – A joint program with the Faculty of Chemistry.

Biochemical Engineering – A joint program with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

Biology and Materials Engineering – A joint program with the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering.

Computer Science with Concentration in Bioinformatics – A joint program with the Faculty of Computer Science.

Biology-Chemistry dual major track

(A joint program with the Faculty of Chemistry)

This unique program was designed for students who wish to explore the areas of science where biology and chemistry meet. Students who majored in chemistry and biology in high school will find it particularly appealing. During your 3 years of study, you will attend advanced courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and more, and receive a degree conferred by both faculties. After graduating in this program, you can continue to postgraduate studies either in Biology or in Chemistry.

Career Options

In recent years, we are seeing enormous leaps in the biotechnological and biomedical research and industry. One of the main reasons for this success is the growing integration between two major scientific fields – chemistry and biology. Many of the scientific breakthroughs and new technologies we are seeing today were only possible thanks to an understanding of biological processes on a molecular level. Scientists with a background in both chemistry and biology are in high demand in most biotech companies and in virtually every pharmaceutical company.

Graduates of the Biology-Chemistry dual major track program will be able to choose from a wide variety of career fields: Research | Teaching | Chemical industry | Bioindustry | Biotech industry | Research institutions | Medical institutions | Drug development using technologies based on genetic engineering | Development of cutting-edge agricultural products. Graduates with a teaching certificate will be able to teach in secondary schools.

Program Overview and Areas of Specialization

The Faculties of Biology and Chemistry share the academic responsibility for the program. Students will attend courses given by both faculties. The first two semesters are dedicated to expanding background knowledge in math, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. In the following semesters, students will attend advanced courses in various fields of chemistry and biology. During the two final semesters, students may choose their areas of specialization and work in research labs of both faculties to gain practical experience in laboratory and research work.

Areas of Research

Academic staff and research students can focus their research on subjects more closely related to chemistry: Mechanisms of bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry | Heterocyclic compounds | Synthesis and enzymatic mechanisms | Catalytic antibodies | Anti-cancer agents | Nuclear magnetic resonance | Macromolecular crystallography; or subjects more closely related to biology: Cell biology | Biochemistry and bioenergetics | Genetics of microorganisms, plants and drosophila | Genetic engineering | Molecular biology | Biophysics | Study of membranes | Study of aging | Carcinogens | Developmental biology | Ecology.


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Biochemical Engineering

(A joint program with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering)

The purpose of this unique program, which is taught nowhere else in Israel, is to train chemical engineers who would have a broad understanding in biology for the benefit of advanced biotech industries. Students receive engineer training plus a broad knowledge base in biochemistry. Thanks to their multidisciplinary education, graduates in this program can pursue a career in the pharmaceutical or biochemical industry, or choose to focus on one of the disciplines and continue to postgraduate studies in either faculty.

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Biology and Materials Engineering

(A joint program with the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering)

A unique program which provides in-depth knowledge in both biology and materials engineering. The purpose of the program is to train materials engineers who would also have in-depth understanding of the Life Sciences. The study curriculum includes the core courses of both faculties. Graduates in this program can pursue a career in fields where their multidisciplinary knowledge gives them an edge, such as the interaction of implants and other materials with the human body, use of biological substances for industrial innovations, and more, or choose to focus on one of the disciplines and continue to postgraduate studies in either faculty.


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Computer Science with Concentration in Bioinformatics

(A joint program with the Faculty of Computer Science)

One of the four-year programs offered by the Faculty of Computer Science is Computer Science with Concentration in Bioinformatics. The academic responsibility for this program is shared by the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Biology.
The purpose of the program is to train the new generation of experts and leaders in the bioinformatics industry, and to prepare its students for postgraduate studies in which they could combine their knowledge in computer science and the life sciences. Students will obtain extensive knowledge in the various fields of computer science, as well as basic knowledge in molecular and cellular biology with a concentration in computational biology and bioinformatic systems and software tools.

Graduates in this program will receive a B.Sc. in Computer Science.

The name of the program will appear in the degree certificate attached to your diploma.


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