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If you have any questions regarding graduate studies at the Faculty, please refer to the contact information on this page:
Faculty Dean - Prof. Michael Glickman
Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies - Associate Professor Shenhav Cohen
Graduate Studies Coordinator - Keren Vidal

Biology is a “basic science” that seeks to uncover the mysteries of life and to understand the mechanisms and principles which allow the world to exist to arouse curiosity and reveal some of the tremendous potential that lies in life sciences.

We are motivated by basic curiosity to try and understand how things work, to study and understand life, and to use that understanding for applied research. Contemporary biology is by definition a study of complex, tech-based systems.

The life sciences sector has taken an enormous leap forward during the past few decades, extending the boundaries to the maximum this very year. While in the past our research revolved around the individual unit – phenomenon/animal/cell, today it is focused on studying the relationships between entire biological systems and analyzing very large databases (millions of data at the same time) at a much higher resolution. Today, the scientist does not look at the individual molecule, but at superprocesses and superstructures – studying millions of intestinal microbes, trying to understand the interactions between all the different individuals in an ecological habitat, studying parts of molecules, and even individual atoms.

Exploring the principles, relationships, and rationales that form the foundation for understanding the science of life, building a base on which to construct the solutions for the medical and environmental challenges and diseases of the 21st century.

 The ability to make new discoveries and come up with new solutions in life sciences has developed tremendously. In fact, right now, in this past year, we have witnessed the global life science community manage to develop a new COVID-19 vaccine within a mere 9 months. A task that was once considered impossible is being completed in record time before our very eyes. Our aim at the Faculty of Biology is to conduct research that provides solutions for even the most difficult biological and medical challenges.

Graduate students are the critical mass needed to conduct high-quality research at the Faculty.
Every graduate student is eligible for a stipend to allow them to devote most of their time to advanced research in line with the research needs and challenges of contemporary biology.

The research students at the Faculty come from a variety of backgrounds in life sciences (biology, pharmacology, biotechnology, biochemistry…) as well as from faculties of engineering and technology, physics, and chemistry.

During your studies, you will have an opportunity to take part in active research in one of the Faculty’s labs, attend courses, participate in workshops, and write academic papers that may be published in international scientific journals.
Many of our alumni now occupy senior positions in the field of Life Sciences in Israel and abroad, be it in the academy, the private sector, or public organizations.


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