TA Positions for Foreign Students

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If you have any questions regarding graduate studies at the Faculty, please refer to the contact information on this page:
Faculty Dean - Prof. Michael Glickman
Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies - Associate Professor Shenhav Shemer
Graduate Studies Coordinator - Keren Vidal

International students – Work visa application process for TA positions:

For international students to obtain a work permit, the faculty must send a letter stating that they are interested in hiring the student as a teacher’s assistant at the Technion. The letter must include the following information:

  1. The name of the course.
  2. The course numbers.
  3. The Semester of employment.

The faculty will send the letter directly to the Technion International. Please provide this information to Keren Vidal (Kerenv@technion.ac.il).

In addition, the student will need an expanded A2 visa (an A2 visa with a work permit).

To do so, the student must be in touch with the Student Affairs and Visas Coordinator from the Technion’s International for further instructions: students@int.technion.ac.il, and CC Keren Vidal.

Once all documents are filled out, the International school will schedule an appointment with the Ministry of Interior. Please note that the work permit is for a specific course.

After you receive the work permit, please contact Keren Vidal for further instructions.


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