Shenhav Cohen

Shenhav Cohen

Education/ Resume:

2020-2022      Visiting scholar, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard, USA
2019-               Associate Professor, Faculty of Biology, Technion, Israel
2013-2019      Assistant Professor, Faculty of Biology, Technion, Israel

2011-2013       Research Fellow, Cell Biology Department, Harvard, USA
2006-2011       Postdoctoral Fellow, Cell Biology Department, Harvard, USA
2002-2006       Senior researcher, Biotech, Weizmann Science Park, Israel
1996-2002       Ph.D. (Direct track), Bar-Ilan University, Israel
1992-1995       B.Sc., Biology, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

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Research Summary

Muscle wasting is an inevitable sequel of aging and disease, and often correlates with patient demise. It results from the accelerated breakdown of the contractile myofibrillar apparatus by the proteasome, which is preceded by the loss of desmin intermediate filaments. We strive to uncover the underlyingmechanismsof muscle loss inorder to identify rational therapies to combat wasting. Our research encompasses different fields from physiology and mechanisms of muscle atrophy, through biochemistry and cell biology. Our goal is to advance foundational understanding of diverse types of wasting, highlighting how cells retain and adapt their size to a changing physiological environment.


2020            Cooper Award for Excellence in Research
2020            Norman and Helen Asher Research Award
2020            ICA research award for an outstanding researcher

2015             Dr. Bernard and Bobbie Lublin Cancer Research award
2014             Malat family award
2014             Robin award for biomedical research
2006-2011   Postdoctoral fellowship from Harvard University
2007-2011   Edmond J. Safra Fellowship, New York, USA
1995-2000   Ph.D. fellowship from Bar Ilan University, Israel

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Key Publications
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Recent Publications:

Gilda JE and Cohen S. Molecular mechanisms of skeletal muscle wasting in cancer. Invited book chapter, Springer Nature. In press. 2021.

Agnetti G., Herrmann H. and Cohen S. New roles for desmin in the maintenance of muscle homeostasis. 2021. Review. FEBS J. In press.

Aweida D. and Cohen S. Breakdown of Filamentous Myofibrils by the UPS–Step by Step. 2021. Review. Biomolecules.11(1):110.

Cohen S. Role of calpain-1 in promoting desmin depolymerization in muscle wasting and aging. BBA-Molecular Cell Research. 1867(10):118788. 2020.

Goldbraikh D, Neufeld D, Eid-Mutlak Y, Lasry I, Gilda JE, Parnis A and Cohen S. USP1 deubiquitinates Akt to inhibit PI3K-Akt-FoxO signaling in muscle atrophy during prolonged starvation. EMBO reports. 21(4):e48791. 2020.

Yatsenko AS, Kucherenko MM, Xie Y, Aweida D, Urlaub H, Scheibe RJ, Cohen S, Shcherbata HR. Profiling of the muscle-specific dystroglycan interactome reveals the role of Hippo signaling in muscular dystrophy and age-dependent muscle atrophy. BMC Medicine. 18(1):8. 2020.

Shiloh R, Gilad Y, Ber Y, Eisenstein M, Aweida D, Bialik S, Cohen S, Kimchi A. Non-canonical activation of DAPK2 by AMPK constitutes a new pathway linking metabolic stress to autophagy. Nature Communications. 9(1):1759. 2018.

Bassat E, Mutlak YE, Genzelinakh A, Shadrin IY, Baruch Umansky K, Yifa O, Kain D, Rajchman D, Leach J, Riabov Bassat D, Udi Y, Sarig R, Sagi I, Martin JF, Bursac N, Cohen S, Tzahor E. The extracellular matrix protein agrin promotes heart regeneration in mice. Nature. 547(7662):179-184. 2017.

Piterman R, Braunstein I, Isakov E, Ziv T, Navon A, Cohen S, Stanhill A. VWA domain of S5a restricts the ability to bind ubiquitin and Ubl to the 26S proteasome. Mol Biol Cell. 25(25):3988-98. 2014.

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