David Meiri

David Meiri

Education/ Resume:

Assistant Professor David (Dedi) Meiri comes from a highly diverse background. He holds an M.Sc. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in plant biotechnology from Tel Aviv University. He conducted his postdoctoral fellowship at the Ontario Cancer Institute, where he focused on the role of the GEF-H1 protein in tumor invasion and metastasis, receiving in a short time worldwide recognition as an expert in the fields of G-protein coupled receptors and small GTPases. Upon completion of his postdoctoral fellowship, Dr Meiri took a position at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he heads the “Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research” and a member of the Technion Integrated Cancer center.

Research Summary:

Our laboratory investigates the vast therapeutic potential of naturally-occurring cannabinoids and other bioactive components in various species of cannabis, algae, mushrooms and from the human body. On top of other research being conducted in the lab, our main current research interest is how these components affect various types of cancer, inflammatory diseases and disorders of the nervous system (Epilepsy, Alzheimer, sleep disorders and more). Our lab uses genetically engineered mice and a wide variety of cell lines to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cannabinoids’ function. The lab consists of a highly trained team of skilled professionals, working in synergy to achieve the highest level of results, to better understand the complexity and diversity of cannabinoids and other natural components, and realize their full therapeutic potential for human health.


2015 – 2016      Cannabis Pharmaceuticals Fellowship: The effect of Cannabinoids on cancer cells.

2014 – 2020      Hanassi Foundation: Elucidating the involvement of GEF-H1 and microtubules dynamics in migration, invasion and chemo resistance.

2014 – 2019      Malat fellowship: Uncover the molecular mechanisms of the oncogenic pathway through GRF-H1.


Key Publications:
  • Berman, P., Futoran, K., Lewitus, G. M., Mukha, D., Benami, M., Shlomi, T., & Meiri, D. (2018). A new ESI-LC/MS approach for comprehensive metabolic profiling of phytocannabinoids in Cannabis. Scientific reports8(1), 1-15.
  • Shapira, A., Berman, P., Futoran, K., Guberman, O., & Meiri, D. (2019). Tandem mass spectrometric quantification of 93 terpenoids in Cannabis using static headspace injections. Analytical chemistry91(17), 11425-11432.
  • Baram, L., Peled, E., Berman, P., Yellin, B., Besser, E., Benami, M., Louria-Hayon, I., Lewitus, G.M., & Meiri, D. (2019). The heterogeneity and complexity of Cannabis extracts as antitumor agents. Oncotarget10(41), 4091.
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Recent Publications:
  • Bar-Sela, G., Cohen, I., Campisi-Pinto, S., Lewitus, G. M., Oz-Ari, L., Jehassi, A., … & Meiri, D. (2020). Cannabis consumption used by cancer patients during immunotherapy correlates with poor clinical outcome. Cancers12(9), 2447.
  1. Berman, P., Sulimani, L., Gelfand, A., Amsalem, K., Lewitus, G. M., & Meiri, D. (2020). Cannabinoidomics–An analytical approach to understand the effect of medical Cannabis treatment on the endocannabinoid metabolome. Talanta, 219, 121336.
  2. Milay, L., Berman, P., Shapira, A., Guberman, O., & Meiri, D. (2020). Metabolic profiling of cannabis secondary metabolites for evaluation of optimal postharvest storage conditions. Frontiers in plant science11, 1556.
  3. Aviram, J., Vysotski, Y., Berman, P., Lewitus, G. M., Eisenberg, E., & Meiri, D. (2020). Migraine Frequency Decrease Following Prolonged Medical Cannabis Treatment: A Cross-Sectional Study. Brain Sciences10(6), 360.
  4. Sznitman, S. R., Vulfsons, S., Meiri, D., & Weinstein, G. (2020). Medical cannabis and insomnia in older adults with chronic pain: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care.
  5. Uziel, A., Gelfand, A., Amsalem, K., Berman, P., Lewitus, G. M., Meiri, D., & Lewitus, D. Y. (2020). Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract Microdepots Support Controlled Release of Multiple Phytocannabinoids for Extended Therapeutic Effect. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
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Open Positions :

We are always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic graduate students (M.Sc. & Ph.D.) and postdoctoral fellows. For inquiries please contact Prof. Dedi Meiri at meirilab@technion.ac.il.

Medical Frontiers of Cannabis Prof. David (Dedi) Meiri of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology's Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research in the Faculty of Biology discusses his research
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