Yoram Reiter

Yoram Reiter

Education/ Resume:

1993    Ph.D. Department of Chemical Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
1987    M.Sc Department of Chemical Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
1984    B.Sc The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Research Summary

Molecular Immunology lab, which focuses on the bridge between basic and translational research in the fields of immunotherapy of cancer and autoimmune diseases. We study basic mechanism of T cell function and regulation with emphasis on T cells engineered with chimeric antigens receptors (CAR-T cells) or T cell receptors (TCRs). We are employing antibody-engineering approaches to generate and study novel antibodies that target the intracellular proteome as novel means to device new therapeutic strategies in the forms of CAR-T cells, bi-specific antibodies, and T cell engagers for oncology and autoimmune indications as well as using them as a tool to elucidate basic machineries of T cell function and regulation. Our lab combines state of the art research in molecular immunology, molecular biology, antibody and T cell engineering, systems immunology as well as interdisciplinary approaches that combines computational approaches for target discovery as well as mathematical models for understanding function and regulation of immune cells.


1988-1991: Ph.D. Studentship Scholarship. The Wolfson Foundation at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
1989-1990: FEBS (Federation of European Biomedical Societies) Fellowship for graduate students.
1992-1993: The Rothschild Postdoctoral Fellowship Award for Ph.D. graduates.

1994:  U.S. Federal Technology Transfer Award, for an outstanding scientific contribution of value to the

USA. Awarded by the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, BethesdaMD.

1998-2001: The “Alon” Fellowship Award, Israel Council ForHigher Education, Israel Ministry of

Education (“VATAT”).

1998: The L. Naftali Science Foundation award  for Biology and Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel.

1998-2001: The Leah and Donald Lewis Academic Lectureship award administrated by the Technion-Israel

Institute of Technology.

1998-2001: The TEVA Fellowship Award for Young Scientists in Life Sciences and Medicine. Awarded by

TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Israel.

1999-2003: Research Career Development Award (RCDA), ICRF-Israel Cancer Research Fund, New-York,

2000-2001: The TEVA Research grant award, Awarded through The Israel Academy of Sciences and

Humanities by TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Israel.

2003: Citation for excellence in teaching – Center for Promotion of Teaching-Technion

2003: The Henry Taub Prize for Excellence in Research, Awarded by the Technion Board of Governs.

2004: The Juludan Prize for Application of science and technology in medicine, awarded by the Technion.

2005: George and Eva Klein Prize for Excellence in Cancer Research, Awarded by ISF- Israel Science

Foundation, The IsraelAcademy of Sciences and Humanities.

2006: The Hershel Rich Technion Innovation Award. Awarded by the Technion Board of Governs.

2011: The Hershel Rich Technion Innovation Award. Awarded by the Technion Board of Governs.

2011: The Klein Prize for Cancer Research, ISF-Israel Science Foundation.

2011: Sanford-Kaplan Prize for Innovation, The Bronice Entrepreneurship and innovationCenter of the Technion

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Key Publications
  • Greenman, R., Pizem, Y., Haus-Cohen, M., Horev, G., Denkberg, G., Shen-Orr, S., Rubinstein, J., and Reiter, Y. Phenotypic models of CAR-T cell activation elucidate the pivotal regulatory role of CAR downmodulation through internalization. Cancer Ther. 20:946-957, 2021
  • Greenman, R., Pizem, Y., Haus-Cohen, Goor, A., Horev, G., Denkberg, G., Sinik, K., Elbaz, Y., Bronner, V., Shen-Orr, S., and Reiter, Y. Shaping Functional Avidity of CAR-T Cells: Affinity, Avidity and Antigen Density that Regulate Response. Cancer Ther. 20:872-884, 2021
  • Oved K, Olmer L, Shemer-Avni Y, Wolf T, Supino-Rosin L, Prajgrod G, Shenhar Y, Payorsky I, Cohen Y, Kohn Y, Indenbaum V, Lazar R, Geylis V, Oikawa MT, Shinar E, Stoyanov E, Keinan-Boker L, Bassal R, Reicher S, Yishai R, Bar-Chaim A, Doolman R, Reiter Y, Mendelson E, Livneh Z, Freedman LS, Lustig Y. Multi-center nationwide comparison of seven serology assays reveals a SARS-CoV-2 non-responding seronegative subpopulation.EClinicalMedicine ;29:100651, 2020
  • Leshem, Y., Liu, X-P, Bera, T., Terabe, M., Berzofsky, J., Bossenmaier, B., Niederfellner, B., O’Brien, J., Tai, C-H, Reiter, Y., Pastan, I., Combining Local Immunotoxins Targeting Mesothelin with CTLA-4 Blockade Eradicates Murine Cancer by Promoting Anti-Cancer Immunity. Cancer Immunol Res. 5:685-694, 2017.
  • Cohen-Inbar O, Reiter Y, Zaaroor M.MHC harnessing and lymphocytic recruitment: a new tool for GBM immunotherapy. J Neurosurg Sci. 2016.
  • Noy, R., Oved, K., Voloshin, T., Haus-Cohen, M., and Reiter, Y. Recruitment of Oligoclonal Viral-specific T-cells to Kill Human Tumor Cells Using Single-chain Antibody-peptide-HLA Fusion Molecules. Can. Therp. 14:1327-35, 2015.
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