Shay Stern

Shay Stern

Education/ Resume:

Oct 2018 –       Assistant Professor, Faculty of Biology, The Technion, Haifa, Israel.
Andre Deloro Career Advancement Chair

2014 – 2018     EGL and HFSP Postdoctoral Fellow, The Rockefeller University and HHMI, New York, USA

2007 – 2012   Ph.D. The Weizmann Institute if Science, Israel


2005 – 2007   M.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude), Chemical Engineering and Physics, The Technion.

2001 – 2004   B.Sc. Computational Biology, BIU, Israel

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Research Summary

Individuals generate complex patterns of unique behaviors across life that distinguish them from each other, a property called individuality.

We are a multidisciplinary neuroscience lab studying the neuronal and molecular basis of changes in behavior across development and the underlying processes that generate behavioral variation among individuals


2018                Andre Deloro Career Advancement Chair (The Technion)

2015-2017       HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowship

2014                Gruss-Lipper Postdoctoral Fellowship

2010                Otto Schwartz Prize for Ph.D Research (The Weizmann Institute)

2009-2012       The Clore Doctoral Fellowship (Sir Charles Clore Foundation)

2008                The Kahn Family Research Center Award (Kahn Center, The Weizmann Institute)

2006                The Sherman Interdisciplinary Graduate School Prize (Technion)

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Recent Publications:
  • Stern S., Kirst C., Bargmann C.I. (2017) Neuromodulatory control of long-term behavioral patterns and individuality across development. Cell 171:1649-1662.
    Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience: Yates D. 19, 2-3 (2018).
  • *Fridmann-Sirkis Y., *Stern S., Elgart M., Galili M., Zeisel A., Shental N., Soen Y. (2014) Delayed development induced by toxicity to the host can be inherited by a bacterial-dependent, transgenerational effect. Front Genet. 5:27. *Equal contribution
  • *Stern S., *Snir O., Mizrachi E., Galili M., Zaltsman I., Soen Y. (2014) Reduction in maternal Polycomb levels contributes to transgenerational inheritance of a response to toxic stress in flies. J Physiol. 592(11):2343-55. *Equal contribution
  • Stern S., Fridmann-Sirkis Y., Braun E., Soen Y. (2012) Epigenetically heritable alteration of fly development in response to toxic challenge. Cell Reports 1:528-542.
  • *Science Editor’s Choice: Purnell BA, Stressful for the Long Haul, Science 336, pp. 780 (2012).
  • Stern S., Dror T., Stolovicki E., Brenner N. and Braun E. Genome-wide transcriptional plasticity underlies cellular adaptation to novel challenge (2007) Molecular Systems Biology 3:106.

* News & Views accompanying this article by Koonin E. (Molecular Systems Biology 3:107, 2007) * EMBO Editors pick  (EMBO Encounters,issue 8, 2007).

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