Yoram Yerushalmi

Yoram Yerushalmi

Teaching Philosophy

In recent years I have switched my focus from research towards teaching and found the challenges of educating the next generations of students are both exciting as well as demanding. I whole-heartedly believe that the basic courses of Zoology, Botany and Ecology are extremely essential as a bedrock for student better understanding of the biological world, we live in.

Exposing students to the complex history of earth, unique biomes, climate changes and their effects, as well as to interactions between human actions and the vast diversity of animals and plants, has a crucial contribution on our life as a specie under the sun. Getting to know these broader aspects of the vibrant and constantly changing world around us is very important, both philosophically as well as ethically, due to the fact it gives students a ‘bird’s eye view’ to better understand the consequences and meanings of human hyper-activity and the dramatic changes we are witnessing in the 20th and especially the 21st centuries.

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Education / Resume

1991-1994       B.Sc. Biology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1994-1996       M.Sc. Zoology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1996-2001       Ph.D. Zoology – Insect Physiology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2001-2006       Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA


2011    Honorary Lecturer, Technion

2019    Honorary Lecturer (Biology faculty Students) Technion

Key Publications

Pener MP and Yerushalmi Y (1998). The physiology of locust phase polymorphism: an update. Journal of Insect Physiology 44(5-6): 365-377.

Yerushalmi Y, Bhargava K, Gilon C and Pener MP (2002). Structure-activity relations of the dark-colour-inducing neurohormone of locusts. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 32(8): 909-917.

Wilson TG, Yerushalmi Y, Donnell DM and Restifo LL (2006). Interaction between hormonal signaling pathways in Drosophila melanogaster as revealed by genetic interaction between Methoprene-tolerant and Broad- Complex. Genetics 172(1): 253-264.

Recent Publications

Saad Y, Anabosi M, Anava S, A,Golan N, Yerushalmi Y, and Ayali A (2012). Fly neurons in culture: a model for neural development and pathology. Journal of Molecular Histology 43(4):421-430.

Gerchman Y, Dodek I, Petichov R, Yerushalmi Y, Lerner A and Keasar T (2012). Beyond pollinator attraction: Extra-floral displays deter herbivores in a Mediterranean annual plant. Evolutionary Ecology 26: 499-512.

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