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An opportunity has opened up in Benny Horwitz’s laboratory to join a fascinating study with important practical implications, on the effect of the host plant (corn) genotype on the development of disease caused by a fungus (southern corn leaf blight). Our research methods include the use of molecular-genetic approaches and the development of new methods for three-dimensional imaging with the most sophisticated microscopes (confocal, light sheet, spinning disk).

For details, please contact Prof. Benny Horwitz by mail:

Open positions for MSc and PhD students in the Levi lab


We study how neuronal networks process information to drive behavior, at the molecular, physiological and computational levels. For that, we investigate mechanisms underlying sensation, decision making, learning and memory in the simple nervous system of C. elegans nematodes. Our research combines mathematical modeling, systems biology, genetics and cutting-edge experimental tools, including optogenetics, advanced microscopy, and microfluidic devices for analysis of behavior and neuronal activity in free-moving animals.

We are looking for highly motivated students with background in biology or exact sciences. Strong background in neuroscience, computational skills or experience in the techniques mentioned above is an advantage. Applicants should send a CV with a brief statement of interest to

Dvir Aran Lab - Open positions for MSc, PhD and postdoctoral fellows

Open positions for MSc, PhD and postdoctoral fellows. We are seeking highly motivated students to develop and study novel approaches in bioinformatics, or the application of analytic and interpretive methods to optimize the clinical-decision making.

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Assaf Bester Lab is looking for passionate and talented MSc, Ph.D. students, and postdocs

The Bester lab uses cutting-edge genetics and functional genomics to understand the human genome’s organization and the role of the non-coding genome in development and cancer. We are looking for passionate and talented MSc, Ph.D. students, and postdocs. Candidates should have a strong background in genetics, molecular biology, functional screening, or bioinformatics.

Lab website:

Ayoub Lab is looking for excellent students MSc / PhD

Excellent & motivated MSC/PhD students are invited to apply to take part in challemging projects that focus on identifying novel DNA repair proteins and exploiting them for developing innovative targeted therapeutic strategies for cancer patients. This project involves a broad range of cutting-edge techniques including advance live-cell microscopy, CRISPR-Cas9 screen, bioinformatic analysis and cancer xenograft mouse model.

Kaplan Lab is always on the hunt for talented MSc and PhD students

We are always looking for talented MSc and PhD students to join us. Students with a background in Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Engineering are welcome to apply. Postdoctoral applicants must have a PhD degree, a strong publication record and demonstrated ability to work independently. Expertise in single-molecule and/or bulk biophysics, molecular biology or microscopy is an advantage. However, an open mind, good hands, and a record of success in your PhD are the only requirements.

Our website:

Our lab is looking for highly motivated Master and Ph.D

Candidates who are interested in research integrating biophysical, biochemical, biological and computational methods for applications in drug development, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

You will integrate cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) for atomistic structure determination of protein

fibrils, X-ray crystallography using particle accelerators, bioinformatics, toxicity assays against human and bacterial cells, and other multidisciplinary methods.

Candidate with a background in Bio-materials, Biotechnological and Bio-medical Sciences and Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and related fields, who are interested in ever-growing, challenging, and fun research, please send your CV and a short letter of intent

Our website:

Wanted curious and enthusiastic human beings to solve the great mysteries of life

Wanted curious and enthusiastic human beings to solve the great mysteries of life

(Looking for students for MSc, Ph.D. & Post-Docs)

  • How do proteins find love at the end of the ribosomal tunnel?
  • What happens when proteins get lonely?
  • How can we live forever?

Come help us figure out how do proteins form, fold and organize into functional complexes in our cells,

What mechanisms facilitate and protect them from aggregation, neurodegeneration, and aging

The Shiber lab is open and we`re looking for you

Further details


Ayala Shiber

Emerson Building, Room 3-26

Faculty of Biology, Technion


Nadav Sharon lab - Open Positions for ambitious students of all levels (BSc, MSc, PhD) and for postdocs.

The lab for the study of pancreas development and diabetes is looking for students at all levels. We use human embryonic stem cells and mice, and combine advanced molecular techniques such as single-cell RNA sequencing, high throughput screening, and 3D microscopy.
Please email

Visit our site:


Debi Lindell LAB - Open positions

Research Assistant: We are looking for a research assistant to work on projects investigating the impact of specific genes and environmental conditions on cyanophage infection properties. We are looking for candidates with an MSc in Life Sciences (or equivalent research experience), scientific curiosity and quick to learn. Experience with cultures and molecular biology is an advantage. Send CV and contact information of 2-3 references to

Graduate student/Post-doctoral researcher positions: We are seeking motivated, talented and creative students/scientists with a keen interest in host-virus interactions or marine microbial ecology and evolution. Candidates should be both independent and capable of working in a team. Experience in microbiology, molecular biology, ecology or evolution is an advantage. Available topics include:  Horizontal gene transfer in cyanobacteria using experimental evolution; cyanophage ecology in the North Pacific Ocean; Synechococcus genome adaptation to environmental conditions in the Red Sea.


Tomer shlomi lab -open positions for msc/phd students with computational background.

Open positions for MSc/PhD students as well as for post-docs with experimental and/or computational background.

Tali Haran Lab is looking for Motivated M.Sc. or PhD students with backgrounds in Biology, Physics, or Chemistry

Motivated M.Sc. or PhD students with backgrounds in Biology, Physics, or Chemistry are welcome to apply. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows with a rigorous computational and/or bioinformatics background who are interested in the kind of questions inquired in our group are welcome to apply.


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