Green Day of Giving: Biology Faculty Members Volunteer to Aid Northern Farmers in Zichron Yaakov

10 December 2023

Last Thursday, with the aspiration to continue being socially involved, we went to volunteer at Efrati Packing House in Zichron Yaakov. This time, we participated in thinning peach blossoms in the field. We spent all the morning hours there, about 16 members from the Faculty of Biology. It was an enriching experience, connecting with nature, working in the open air, and talking to each other. We were happy to help the farmers of the north.

In the photo from right to left:
Rina Zuchman, Tzofia Zanton, Clari Valensi, Anna Parnis, Carmit Burstein, Roni Nizan-Koren, Dina Ron, Nadav Sharon, Agiru Theophilus, Miriam Krauz, Keren Vidal, Hana Rand, Giselle Shodi, Gil Dotan, and Victorina Palyak.

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