A Window into Science at the Faculty of Biology

09 August 2023

A Window into Science at the Faculty of Biology 🧬🌿💦

We are thrilled to tell you about a visit to our faculty by two communication classes of 4th graders from Ehud School as part of the “Window into Science” project!
This project provides parents with the opportunity to introduce their children to their own profession.
The children arrived at Prof. Dedi Meiri’s research laboratory, there they were met by one of the children’s mother, Dr. Anna Shapira, and the M.Sc. student Stav Shotan.

At the laboratory, Anna and Stav conducted with the children three chemical experiments: the “golden rain” crystallization reaction, the red cabbage pH indicator, and a simulation of hydrogen peroxide decomposition into oxygen.
The children also investigated plates of bacteria, compared cancer cells and normal cells under a microscope, and discovered how to separate proteins by gel electrophoresis.
To wrap it all up the children enjoyed a sweet final experiment of liquid nitrogen marshmallows – the results were definitely delicious… 😋

At the conclusion of the successful tour, we just want to say it was great fun hosting you all!!!

Here at the Technion’s Faculty of Biology we recognize the importance of exposing children to science from an early age and believe that any child can become a scientist!

We couldn’t have made this tour happen without the support and help of Dr. Naama Ivanir from the Technion’s safety unit, Nir Blitz the Head of the Administration at the Faculty of Biology, and Prof. Dedi Meiri, head of the laboratory of cancer biology and cannabinoid research – thank you all for making this day possible!

Finally, many thanks to the staff at Meiri’s lab – the M.Sc. student Stav Shotan, and Anna Shapira, a Dr. of Analytical Chemistry and Biology and Damien’s mother 😍 who opened the Window into Science here at the Faculty of Biology 🧬🌿💦

To all the lovely children who came to explore, ask, experiment and enjoy working with us – you made our day!! 🤩



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