Congratulations to the members of the laboratories of Prof. Shiber, Lamm and Mandel-Gutfreund for their participation at the Israeli RNA Meeting 2023 in memory of Prof. Yossi Sperling, at the Weizmann Institute of Science

31 March 2024

The Israeli RNA Meeting 2023 in memory of Prof. Yossi Sperling , took place at the Weizmann Institute of Science on March 19, 2024.

All members of Prof. Shiber’s lab participated in the conference.
“Hagit Bar-Yosef, Ph.D. Lab Manager & Research associate, Johannes A. Venezian (Ph.D. student), Hila Ben-Arie Zilberman (Ph.D. student), Junyi He (Ph.D. student), Qamar Shhade (Ph.D student), Muhammad Makhzumy (Ph.D. student), Adva Kfir (M.Sc. student), and Rawad Hanna (Post-Doc).

Hagit Bar-Yosef, Johannes Venezian, Qamar Shhade, Junyi He, and Hila Ben-Arie Zilberman presented a poster on behalf of the lab, and Muhammad Makhzumy also presented a short talk.
Ph.D. student Johannes A. Venezian won third place in the conference poster competition, an outstanding accomplishment!

We also congratulate all members of Prof. Mandel-Gutfreund Lab who attended the conference. Ph.D. student Amir Argoetti presented a talk on behalf of the Mandel lab.
Prof. Ayelet Lamm presented a short talk at the conference as well.

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