Associate Professor Arnon Henn

Henn Lab Summer Project

Our current research in the lab is focused on understanding how mitochondria is being transported in mammalian cell lines across their cytoskeleton. Mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles that are being transported and anchored throughout the cell cytoskeleton in response to many physiological cues. We are studying the molecular motors that interact with mitochondria and the cytoskeleton and how they are regulated.

During the summer project, we invite you to choose one of the following  areas :

1. Myo19 – Outer Mitochondria Membrane (OMM) interactions: structure-function relationship investigation by using biophysical and biochemical approaches. The project will study at the molecular level, the interactome of Myo19 and the mitochondria. Students will become familiar with CD spectroscopy and methodologies to measure the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein-lipids interactions.

2. Studying how Myo19-mitochondria interactions under stress conditions induce the formation of actin protrusions such as filopodia. In this project, students will use cell biology methodologies as well fluorescence microscopy to monitor actin protrusions formation.


A431 cells induced with EGF and immune stain with αMyo19, Mitochondria, and nucleus, The actin protrusion are extension showing in the upper right region of the are packed with mitochondria and Myo19 (Image credit to Dr. Boris Shneyer).

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