Dan Cassel

Dan Cassel

Education/ Resume:

1st degree (in chemistry) and PhD in biochemistry (direct course) at the Hebrew University

Faculty member of the Department of Biology since 1984, retired in 2016

Research Summary

My lab has closed following my retirement. Previously, I was studying the role of G proteins in signal transduction and membrane trafficking among compartments of the secretory system.

Key Publications

Cassel,D., Selinger,Z. Mechanism of adenylate cyclase activation through the b-adrenergic receptor: Catecholamine-induced displacement of bound GDP by GTP. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.  USA. 75, 1978, p. 4155-4159.

  • Cukierman, E., Huber, I., Rotman, M., Cassel, D. The ARF GTPase activating protein: Zinc finger motif and Golgi complex localization. Science 270, 1995, p. 1999-2001.
  • Abraham O, Gotliv K, Parnis A, Boncompain G, Perez F, Cassel D. Control of protein trafficking by reversible masking of trafficking signals. Mol. Biol. Cell, 27:1310-19, 2016
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