Solidarity Rally at Technion Marking 100 Days Since October 7th Events

14 January 2024

Today, January 14, 2024, the opening day of the academic year at the Technion, 100 days will have passed since the events of October 7th. On that day, hundreds of women, men, children, and elderly people were abducted, and they are still being held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

From 11:00 to 12:00, the Technion will suspend its teaching and research to express solidarity with the hostages’ plight and their families. The Technion community, faculty, staff, and students are invited to join a rally to support the release of the hostages.

The rally will occur in the Edith and Joseph Fischer Hall in the Zielony Student Union Building.

Speakers at the gathering will include:

  • Prof. Adi Salzberg, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Mr. Itay Israel, Chairperson of the Technion Students Association.
  • Mrs. Adi Kikozashvili, a student from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, whose brother, Shlomi Ziv, was abducted to Gaza.
  • Mrs. Carmit Palti Katzir, a member of Kibbutz Nir Oz, whose brother was abducted to Gaza. Carmit is the partner of Prof. Raz Pelti from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine.


The rally will be broadcast live in this link:



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