You are invited to the 1th lecture in the series Bridge to Industry: Beyond Birth: Exploring Placental Potential in Biomedical Innovation Speaker: Dr. Arthur Machlenkin, CSO of Pluri

28 March 2024

The Faculty of Biology is proud to present a series of inspiring scientific meetings that bring together researchers from academia and leading entrepreneurs in the Israeli biotech industry. The meetings aim to create a collaborative and fertile environment where participants can discuss challenges and innovative solutions in the field of life sciences. The series will focus on “Life Sciences in the Israeli Industry” and present groundbreaking innovative research in Israel’s biotech ecosystem.

Through this series of meetings, we aspire to:

  • Strengthen the connections between academia and industry and encourage fruitful collaborations.
  • Create a dynamic community of researchers, entrepreneurs, and students that will serve as fertile ground for innovation.
  • Promote applied knowledge and encourage the development of breakthrough technologies in the biotech field.


You are invited to the first lecture in the serie: Beyond Birth: Exploring Placental Potential in Biomedical Innovation
Speaker: Dr. Arthur Machlenkin, CSO of Pluri

Abstract: Pluri, an Israeli clinical-stage company, is pioneering the development of innovative cell products derived from the placenta. This study investigates the potential of Placenta eXpanded (PLX) mesenchymal-like stromal cells for regenerative medicine applications. Characterized by their unique secretome, PLX cells possess distinct immunomodulatory and regenerative capabilities, making them promising candidates for therapeutic interventions. Specifically, this research delves into the therapeutic potential of PLX cells in treating acute radiation syndrome (ARS), capitalizing on their allogeneic nature and support for hematopoietic recovery. Additionally, Pluri explores the placenta as a source of non-conventional immune cells, which can be genetically modified to confer specificity against cancer antigens, thereby enhancing the efficacy of allogeneic immunotherapy of cancer. By concurrently investigating these avenues, this study aims to unlock the full therapeutic potential of placenta-derived cells, presenting innovative strategies for both regenerative medicine and cancer treatment.

Lecture date: Wednesday, April 10th at 13:00, Biology Auditorium. Please confirm your participation via the Link:

*The lecture is open to all faculty students including undergraduates. Looking forward to see you !
* The lecture will be delivered in Zoom as well at the following link :


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