A faculty volunteer patrol set out to clean shelters in Neve Shanan neighborhood in Haifa

09 November 2023

Volunteering is the opportunity to contribute yourself, your time, and your abilities to do something for others and society to promote and improve the existing situation.

The spirit of volunteering of faculty members in recent days has allowed us to provide a little security and peace of mind for the residents of Haifa. About 20 faculty members went out together on two different occasions and cleaned and emptied 10 different shelters.
Most of the shelters are in neighborhoods or buildings in the “less established” area of Neve Sha’anan to “give back a little to the community in which we live.”

We found that there are lonely or struggling people right under our noses, and the mere visit and concern instilled in them a spirit of joy and gratitude that they are not alone.
We learned that sometimes “the best way to encourage yourself is to encourage someone else.”
These dear people carried away junk, removed dead pigeons, and scraped 5 cm of dust from dark shelters:

Thank you to Zvi Arad, Ira Rakita, Galia Polyak, Hiba Hassanein, Tamar Lahav, Michal Ziv-Koren, Keren Bandalk, Einav Maniv, Yael Yosilevski, Clari Valensi, Roni Nizan-Koren, Noa Reiss, Gil Dotan, Mati Ben-Moyal, Dan Bleiberg, Amit Guy, Michael Glickman, Sigal Savaldy-Goldstein, Fleur Grobois, and Nir Blitz.

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