Listen to the latest episode of ‘The Technionists’ (the podcast of Technion graduates), this time featuring Dr. Alina Pushkarev, an esteemed alumna of the Faculty from Prof. Beja Lab

08 January 2024

Alina is a marine microbiologist who completed her PhD in the lab of Prof. Oded Béjà, where she discovered a new family of light-sensing proteins, Heliorhodopsins.
In a conversation from Humboldt University in Berlin, where she is currently doing her post-doctorate, Alina fascinatingly connects algae, tanning, blindness, and a certain type of crustacean. Above all, she deeply believes in the power of natural curiosity and the joy of making science accessible to everyone 😊

P.S. – If you ask her how she transitioned from bio-medical sciences to marine microbiology, she will tell you it was a stroke of luck and a coincidence.
Alina studied and researched everything related to the human body and took a course in marine microbiology at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat where she met Professor Béjà, a faculty member in the Department of Biology. That course eventually changed her entire professional trajectory, opening up a fascinating world of environment, ecology, and an inextricable web of bacteria, and became a kind of love story…

Tune in to the podcast to hear the full interview and even a musical interlude with a ukulele, click here


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