Professor Yoram Reiter

Reiter Lab Summer Project

Molecular Immunology lab, which focuses on the bridge between basic and translational research in the fields of immunotherapy of cancer and autoimmune diseases. We study the basic mechanism of T cell function and regulation with emphasis on T cells engineered with chimeric antigens receptors (CAR-T cells) or T cell receptors (TCRs). We are employing antibody-engineering approaches to generate and study novel antibodies that target the intracellular proteome as novel means to device new therapeutic strategies in the forms of CAR-T cells, bi-specific antibodies, and T cell engagers for oncology and autoimmune indications as well as using them as a tool to elucidate basic machineries of T cell function and regulation. Our lab combines state-of-the-art research in molecular immunology, molecular biology, antibody and T cell engineering, systems immunology as well as interdisciplinary approaches that combines computational approaches for target discovery as well as mathematical models for understanding the function and regulation of immune cells.

During the summer we invite you to explore one of the following projects:

• Developing new immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmunity harnessing the intracellular proteome
• Studying the optimal functions of engineered T cells carrying chimeric antigen receptors (CAR-T)
• Studying the molecular nature of cell surface versus intracellular targets in mediating anti-tumor responses by engineered CAR-T cells

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