Prof. Alex Bronstein and Dr. Ailie Marx from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion – “A twist in the protein folding dogma”
26/12/2022 13:00
Prof. Alex Bronstein and Dr. Ailie Marx
Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion

The fact that some amino acid chains fold alone into natively structured and fully functional proteins in solution, has led to the commonly accepted “one sequence-one structure” notion. However, within the cell, protein chains are not formed in isolation, to fold alone once produced. Rather, they are translated from genetic coding instructions (for which many versions exist to code a single amino acid sequence) and begin to fold before the chain has fully formed through a process known as co-translational folding. The effect of coding and co-translational folding mechanisms on the final protein structure are not well understood. There are no studies showing side-by-side structural analysis of protein pairs having alternative synonymous coding. We are using the wealth of high-resolution protein structures available in the Protein Data Bank to computationally explore the association between genetic coding and local protein structure and pinpoint positions of alternate conformations in homologous proteins which cannot be readily explained by the amino acid sequence or protein environment

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