Dr. Ariel Jaimovich Director of Bioinformatics, Ultima Genomics-Cost-efficient sequencing platform using novel sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry and open fluidics platform
23/11/2022 13:00
Dr. Ariel Jaimovich Director of Bioinformatics, Ultima Genomics


Genome sequencing company Ultima Genomics has come out of stealth and announced $600 million in financing. Founded in 2016 by its Israeli CEO Gilad Almogy, the company has 350 employees including 50 in Israel at development centers in Rehovot and Hod Hasharon. The company has now revealed that it has developed a sequencing machine, which it claims, backed up by research set to be published in leading scientific periodicals, allows genome sequencing for $100, compared with the $500-600 it costs using its rival Illumina. In addition, Ultima Genomics claims that its genomic sequencing is faster and deeper – in other words, it provides more data about the genome, more quickly.