Dr. Roey Tzezana Research Fellow in Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center
16/11/2015 13:00

Exponential Medicine and Biological Research: Heading towards Human Immortality

The capabilities of medicine and biological research are developing in an exponential rate, similar to the rapid pace of progress we’ve observed in computers and information sciences over the last century. In computer sciences, this exponential growth has brought super-computers (in terms of 1980s) to every hand, an abundance of information available to billions at any moment, and a society that’s rapidly moving towards a Sharing Economy.

How will the exponential growth in biological research and medical capabilities change our human body?

In the lecture, I’ll go over the principles of exponential growth, and explain why certain fields are developing in leaps and jumps why others lag behind. We’ll see why medicine has been having a hard time going into an exponential rate until recent times, and why the pace is picking up in the present. We’ll go over some of the technologies and techniques in biotech that enable and promote exponential growth, and deal with the most important question: will exponential growth in biotech lead to human immortality – and if so, will that occur in our lifetime?