Inbar Duek, Faculty of Biology, Technion
01/12/2015 13:00

Title: Characterization of the mitochondrial proteome ubiquitination pattern
Abstract: The mitochondrion is an important organelle in eukaryote cells. It is responsible for energy production through oxidative phosphorylation, and also takes part in other biological process. Ubiquitination is a cytosolic posttranslational modification that generally signals for protein degradation by the proteasome, but also signals for lysosomal degradation and cellular localization.
Recent landmark studies have established that mitochondrial proteins can be ubiquitinated by several polyUbiquitin linkage types. This lecture will focus on the mitochondrial proteome ubiquitination pattern, and will address both the ubiquitination targets and linkage types at mitochondria. The effects of proteolytic degradation pathways, proteasomal and lysosomal, on the mitochondrial ubiquitinome and proteome will be discussed.

מנחה: פרופ’ מיכאל גליקמן במסגרת עבודת מגיסטר