Martin Akerman-“learn about great options in the industry in the interface between biology and computer science”
04/07/2022 13:00

Learn about great options in the industry at the interface of biologyand computer science


Martin Akerman is a Technion Alumni who completed his undergraduate and  PhD at the Faculty of Biology. He isthe co-founder and CTO of Envisagenics, an Artificial Intelligence-drivenbiotechnology company based in New York, that focuses onthe discovery of new drug targets for RNA therapeutics and immunotherapiesEnvisagenics’ principal technologyis the SpliceCore® discovery platform, that applies machine learning algorithmsto RNA-seq data, to uncover new treatments forneurodegeneration and cancer.


In his presentation, Martin will discuss how his company partners withbiopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to advance their drugdiscovery capabilities. He will discuss the role that machine learning plays in today’s  biopharmaindustry and Envisagenics’ approach to produce actionable and  transparent predictions that sparkdrug development collaborations