PhD Graduate Seminar- Layla Saied
21/03/2023 13:00
Layla Saied

Characterization of Peroxismoal Proteins Changes in Response to Stress


Peroxisomes are organelles with a single bilayer membrane that encloses a soluble matrix space. Their importance is highlighted by the severe inherited diseases that result from impairments in one or more peroxisomal functions. These organelles are highly diverse and can contain various sets of enzymes. Most types of peroxisomes are involved in beta-oxidation of fatty acids and maintaining reactive oxygen species homeostasis. Peroxisomes can adapt to different functions by importing different proteins and enzymes.

Proper functionality of this organelle requires specific quality control. One of the enzymes that have an important role in maintaining the peroxisome homeostasis and functionality is the peroxisomal isoform Lon peptidase 2 (LonP2). The enzyme has both a chaperone activity and proteolytic activity. However, not a lot is known about the function of this Lon protease isoform.

I will present a new method developed to study the peroxisomal import machinery and the results obtained from it. Additionally, I will outline the results obtained through various cellular, biochemical, and proteomics approaches regarding the role of LonP2.