PhD. Graduate Seminar-Michal Ackerman-Lavert
23/12/2020 13:00

“A meristematic state depends on atissue specific-incoherent effect of steroid hormones

The entire plant body can be traced backto the activity meristems, tiny organized structures   harboring the stem cells niche. Thisactivity enables plants to uniquely produce new organs throughout their lifecycle, thus providing a fascinating model system to study fundamentaldevelopmental questions. In this study, we asked how a meristematic state ismaintained. We uncovered an incoherent effect of the steroid hormones brassinosteroids(BRs) on auxin, involving contradicting molecular outcomes, as a critical meansfor preventing differentiation of root meristem. By presenting data relying ona new “tool-kit” to map BR signaling responses alongside the use of reporterlines, mutants, transcriptome analysis and direct hormone measurements, I willdemonstrate a basis for inter-tissue coordination and how a critical ratiobetween BR and auxin determines the meristematic state.