Prof. Itai Yanai – ‘Night Science’: The creative side of the scientific process
14/11/2022 10:30
Itai Yanai
Institute for Systems Genetics & Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, New York University School of Medicine



The formal scientific method tells you how to rigorously and objectively test a hypothesis. But where do hypotheses come from in the first place? Posing fruitful new questions, having ideas for novel hypotheses, and inventing new experimental technologies all require scientific creativity. Itai Yanai (NYU) and Martin Lercher (Düsseldorf University) have been exploring this hidden side of the scientific process in editorials and a podcast. In this talk, Itai will discuss the tools for the generation of scientific ideas, including how anthropomorphic language unlocks intuitive brain capacities; how new questions can be identified by honing in on contradictions; how a hypothesis can be a liability for making new discoveries; and how ideas can be imported and exported across research fields. This talk is relevant to anyone interested in a deeper understanding and further development of their scientific creativity.