Prof. Maya Schuldiner, Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science
16/05/2022 13:00

Title: New insights intoperoxisomes – small organelles with exciting biology and a huge impact on humanhealth.

Peroxisomes arecentral metabolic organelles whose decreased function gives rise to severe peroxisomaldiseases. It is recently becoming clear that beyond such inborn errors ofmetabolism, that the gradual deterioration of peroxisomal functions with age as well as small alterations in peroxisomal functionsdue to gene variants, contributes also to multiple and prevalent diseases suchas cancer, viral infection, diabetes and neurodegeneration. Despite the clearimportance of peroxisomes in pathophysiological processes, the research onperoxisomes is dramatically lagging behind research on other metabolicorganelles such as mitochondria. This is perhaps due to the misconception thatperoxisomes play only ancillary or redundant roles with mitochondria. This isfar from true since the majority of peroxisomal functions cannot be replaced byother organelles. I will discuss our efforts in the last years tosystematically uncover the peroxisomal proteome and the diversity ofperoxisomal functions.

Host: Sagi Levy