“Science TALK over the counter” led by faculty PI Meytal Landau – “Bacteria, Alzheimer’s, and particle accelerators”
11/12/2022 21:00
Meytal Landau

During December, the faculty will hold a series of “Science TALKS over the counter” led by faculty PI in selected locations throughout Haifa and the north district. We are thrilled to invite you all to the first lecture in the series: “Bacteria, Alzheimer’s, and particle accelerators”.

When? Sunday, 11.12 at 21:00 . Opening Doors: 19:00, Beginning of Lecture: 21:00
Where? Slick Bar, 124 Hanasi street, HAIFA

*The lecture is free of charge and open to the general public.

*To hold a spot, you must register for the lecture in advance via the link :

About the lecture:
 How is the “urgent threat” of antibiotic-resistant super bacteria related to drug development?
 Does a bacterium disguise itself as infected meat and cause “mad cow” style diseases?
 What is all of this having to do with particle accelerators and how do they help us decipher a connection between apparently unrelated diseases?

The lecture will discuss drug development in the past, present, and future. We will describe the role of proteins as pathogens and also as a therapeutic measure. How we use particle accelerators (synchrotrons) to understand proteins and use the information to develop drugs and materials for biotechnological uses.

We will learn for the first time about proteins that create “super fibers” (strong and durable fibers) called amyloids which are produced by bacteria, viruses, and fungi and cause severe infectious diseases. Amyloids are proteins that are known mainly due to their connection to neurodegenerative diseases, and we will deal with the question of whether there is a connection between infectious diseases and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and mad cow disease.